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To use A Perfect Solution's invaluable services for locating Retirement Communities, Assisted Living Services, Personal Care Homes, Skilled Nursing Facilities and more, please call 866-573-5696 and speak with a professional advisor about your special needs and concerns. We also provide an online assessment form that will allow us to better qualify your needs and find information to make your search a success.

*By charging a small fee to the communities, services provided by A Perfect Solution are at no cost to the client. The fee is the same for all communities and is not based on the rate the community is charging the customer. The community’s pricing is not affected by the use of our senior care placement service.

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We are so grateful to have found A Perfect Solution!

When my grandmother fell and broke her hip we were devastated. Moving her out of her home was emotional for us all. A Perfect Solution's advisors walked us through the entire process and helped us make the best choices for Grandma. She absolutely loves her new apartment and we love the peace of mind knowing Grandma is in great hands.


Kimberly Shoaf

Kimberly has enjoyed working with seniors for over twenty years. After graduating with a Geriatrics degree from Oklahoma Christian University she worked as an administrator for several assisted living facilities. Later, she focused on the marketing side of senior care, where she worked with independent living, assisted living and personal care home communities.

Through her love of seniors and years of experience Kimberly created A Perfect Solution, making a difference in the lives of seniors. A Perfect Solution has an incredible team of consultants who are dedicated to providing families with the information they need to make the best decision for the future.